Study in Republic of Belarus
Republic of Belarus, an Eastern European country, bordering Russia in the north and east, Ukraine in South and Latvia, Lithuania, Poland in the west. Belarus has a distinct and proud culture of its own, with its own language, and customs, and cuisine, and art. Much like those in other countries in the region, students who opt to study in Belarus will encounter a relatively cool climate, with cold winters and mild summers.

The Belarussian system of higher education includes educational, research and governing institutions that use unified official standards and rules in the processes of teaching, management, assessment and research. Higher education is provided by public and private accredited higher education institutions. Education in public higher education institutions is free of charge for students who passed the entrance competition. In private higher education institutions, all students pay tuition fees. Higher education is under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, which is responsible for the accreditation and licensing of higher education institutions and developing and applying the State Educational Standards.

Benefits of Studying in Republic of Belarus
• A wide choice of institutions of higher education and educational programs

• Fees at Belarusian higher education institutions are very competitive and much cheaper compared to universities and colleges in the USA, Canada and the UK.

• The level of training offered at Belarusian universities is equivalent to that of education institutions of West Europe and the USA.

• Belarus is a multinational country, favorably hosting representatives of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds.

• Higher education institutions are proud of their long-term training experience and the environment which is favorable for integration of foreigners.

• Belarusian higher education institutions enjoy their permanent presence in the international educational rankings.