@bntu and @aiccampus finalized the arrangement to commence the European Engineering Transfer Program in @bntu Minsk Republic of Belarus. The meetings were conducted at @bntu and was attended by Mr.Cyril Marteaux International Director @esigelec_officiel, Prof.Yuri Nikalaichyk Vice Rector for Academic Activities, Prof. Igor Satikov Director for Global Education @bntu. Dr.Viacheslav Pivavarov General Director IMC-AIC Consortium Belarus, Dr.Dharangan Bakthaseelan Executive Director / Finance Director, Dr.Gishan Sumanasiri CEO / Executive Director @aiccampus and Dr.Bhathiya Karunarathna took part in this discussion. For more information about AIC Campus and Sri Lanka’s most affordable university transfer program visit our website www.aicedu.lk or call us on 0777335511 @ Belarusian National Technical University