First examinations for the students who are studying in European University Transfer Program at @bntu were held recently. The picture shows BNTU students after their exams at @bntu Minsk.

AIC Campus offers Sri Lanka’s only 100% Degree Assured University Transfer Program that Safeguards You From Visa Rejection and Transfer Credit Issues

AIC Campus offers a unique facility for the first time in Sri Lanka. Since many students and parents have been misled with false promise of overseas transfer and overseas visa it’s important to get DEGREE ASSURANCE. In Case if the Student has any issues with their financial, language or Visa related issues students will have the ability to complete their Bachelor's Degree from a Top 1000 Ranked European University. Very different to the practice of some other private providers who fail to live upro their promise and university dream. Some go to the extent of putting the blame on the students and to convince them to change the study programs to Psychology or Business (Which are the only degree completion options available in Sri Lanka for these providers) . For more information about degree assurance and these institutions / their visa refused students you are requested to contact AIC Campus on 0777335511 or visit our website