French engineering education is recognized around the world for its diversity and richness, and for its ability to produce highly competent engineers. France plays a central role in Europe, combining the best of its academic and professional training to create an exceptional and multicultural educational environment from which new talents emerge.

AIC Campus In partnership with ESIGELEC Graduate School of Engineering offers the only Engineering Transfer program to France Western Europe. The two years in Sri Lanka and the final three years at ESIGELEC France is the most recognized and affordable Engineering qualification that can be achieved from the European Union Country.

Why should Sri Lankan students choose France over UK or Australia for engineering education?
There are many reasons for choosing France (and especially ESIGELEC Graduate School of Engineering) to study engineering. The Main factor is the cost and uncompromising quality of delivery and learning outcome. In Simple Terms for about 40% of the cost of studying in UK or Australia you get a world class MSc in Engineering from ESIGELEC France.

France is a country known for cutting-edge technology. It’s the country which has pioneered high-speed trains (TGV), high-speed cars (Renault and Peugeot) competing in Formula-1 race, superb rockets (Ariane Espace), airplanes (Airbus), fighter planes (Dassault), telecom satellites (Thalès ), tyres for fast cars (Michelin), best heat turbines (Alstom), and so on. France has a long tradition of advanced technology, exported and copied by big countries. So, you can easily conclude that France offers top level education in engineering.

How is engineering education different in France? Is it hands-on education linked to top companies?
France has up-to-date facilities in their technology schools (such as fablabs and 3D printers). These Institutions offer a unique approach to engineering where future engineers basically learn ‘how to learn’, which train our engineers to innovate, handle and manage open, complex, multidisciplinary and international projects right after they graduate. France has a very high teacher-to-student ratio of 1:8. Besides, tuition fees are much lower than the UK and Australia. France also provides well-paid internships.

Should Sri Lankan students choose France for their undergraduate level (or post-school) studies?
One of the best opportunities to complete a quality engineering degree with paid internships and work permit upon graduation is in France. On top of that the course fees are very affordable. The 2+3 Transfer program offered by AIC Campus in partnership with ESIGELEC Graduate School of Engineering in France provides an excellent pathway to achieve your engineering career dream by completing an Integrated MSc Program in five years.

France is one of the best destinations for higher education for Sri Lankan students. The total program cost is less than 60% of studying four years in UK or Australia.

What is the estimated expense of studying engineering in France?
The estimated cost for the program offered by AIC Campus in partnership with ESIGELEC France is very much less than studying and UK or Australia. In fact the two years that students study in Colombo, Sri Lanka prepares the students with general engineering courses and the final three years in France students will choose their major area of study out of the 14 majors ESIGELEC offers.

The Total cost for the five year MSc will be less than 40% of the cost of Studying in UK or Australia for four years. Having said that the added benefits are guaranteed well paid internships during studies, two year work permit after graduation and possible permanent residency.

What are the Major Areas of Study Available at AIC - ESIGELEC Transfer Program?
The following major areas are available under the 2+3 Transfer program with AIC Campus. Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, Networks Architecture and Security, Automation and Industrial Robotics, Communications Engineering, Mechatronics, Embedded Systems Engineering, Biomedical Systems Engineering, Sustainable Energy and many more.

What kind of job opportunities can students get after completing study? Can students get a job in Europe?
Students who graduate with an engineering degree can be appointed as researchers, research and development managers, project managers, and so on. The MSc engineering course includes six to nine months’ internship. Most students get hired by the companies where they do their internships. Starting salary in these companies range between 35,000 euros to 40,000 euros per year.

Who can apply?
Sri Lankan Students with Local A/Level or London A/Level in math stream with minimum of 3 S passes can directly apply for the first year at AIC Campus. Students who do not meet the entry criteria or with O/Levels can join the AIC Campus to follow the Foundation in Engineering and Technology which will bridge the gap and qualify for Engineering Transfer program to France.

Applications are accepted for the August intake now. For more information please call 0766 759 669/0779 779 776 or AIC Kandy on 0777 230 033