AIC School of Engineering - Global Engineering Transfer Program
AIC Campus a leader in Transnational Education in the country revolutionized the transnational education landscape by introducing the first ever multidisciplinary, multi country University Transfer program in Engineering and Business. With the launch of the Global Engineering Transfer Program in collaboration with ESIGELEC Graduate School of Engineering, one of the oldest and well reputed Engineering University in France, European Union Sri Lankan students are offered multiple options in Over 15 Major areas of Engineering that can be partly completed in Sri Lanka and France with options to transfer to Many Universities in Europe, Australasia and North America.

AIC Campus, School of Engineering offers 2+3 Program (Two Years in Sri Lanka at AIC Campus and 3 years in France ) to complete the only Integrated MSc in 14 Engineering Majors with Guaranteed paid internships in Europe during their studies at very affordable costs.

AIC Campus also offers 2+2 program In Engineering where students will complete their first two years in Sri Lanka and transfer to USA to complete the BSc in Engineering with over 50 Majors to select from.

Prashani Keshala Rodrigo a former student of Lyceum International School Wattala currently studying at AIC Campus Global Engineering Transfer Program major in Chemical/Energy Engineering shares her experience at AIC and the recently concluded tour of ESIGELEC France.

Can you share your School Life Experience?
I studied at Lyceum International School, Wattala and sat for my London A/Levels in 2016 in Math stream. I got through with 1A and 2B passes. I had a wonderful School career at Lyceum where I exceled in Sports and extracurricular activities while I was focused on my studies.

I was the Games Captain in 2014/2015, senior prefect of the School and was awarded the Most Outstanding Prefect of the year 2014/2015. I also played Basketball for Lyceum and Badminton where I won College colors for Basketball and represented the Gampaha District under 17 Basketball team in 2015. I was also an athlete and won events at all Island Level.

I also took part in Model United Nations and also held the position of Media Club General coordinator of Lyceum Wattala. I was also an announcer and a compere at many School events.

I am proud that I studied at Lyceum International and the opportunities that were there for me to grow and develop my leadership skills and other skills while obtaining a good education for which I thank all my teachers and my parents who helped me with lots of understanding.

You have chosen your higher education pathway in Chemical Engineering/Energy Engineering.
If you ask me what was my dream job when I was in School I would say that I wanted to become a pilot. I always wanted to be different and try new things. However during my time at the A/Levels I developed a liking for Chemistry and I wanted to specialize in Chemistry first and then move on to either Energy Engineering or Petroleum Engineering.

The field that I have selected has more scope around the world. I want to become a highly specialized in my field and build a career and travel the world. One day I will be my own boss as I have this entrepreneurial spirit in me.

What do you want to achieve in life.
I am a person who always thinks that career goals are part of the life goals, but career is not going to be the objective of life. I look at it from a different point of view. I want to develop my career in the field that I love to be that is Chemical, Energy and Petroleum Engineering that is to have a stable career and an income to achieve my life goals. I want to launch a charity one day to help the needy not only in Sri Lanka but around the world where help and assistance is needed by vulnerable people. That is my goal in life.

Why did you select France as Final Destination of study and ESIGELEC the University?
As I mentioned earlier that I love to try new things and learn languages. France is one of the most developed countries in the world, second largest economy in the European Union and a G8 Nation. France has proven their prowess in the field of engineering in almost every field mainly Automotive, Aviation, Energy, Electrical and Electronics. Some of the top corporates and brands are French origin.

ESIGELEC Graduate School of Engineering is over 115 years old and they have an impeccable record in producing quality and employable graduates throughout their history. Their partnership with the Manufacturing industry and the research and development work carried out on behalf of major industries like Automobile, Automated Manufacturing and Energy is unbelievable.

All that put together I had no hesitation in selecting ESIGELEC in France to complete my MSc after the first two years at AIC in Sri Lanka.

Why did you select the AIC Campus Engineering transfer program?
For the first time students like me who wanted to be different was given the opportunity to join a transfer program which is the most affordable in the country. The two years in Sri Lanka and three years in France will give an MSc in Engineering field of my choice at a cost of one year or 3 semester cost of studying in traditional study destination. Which is a great relief?

Most importantly the quality of education standards maintained as per European Union Regulations and the Paid internship opportunities during studies. I could not find a better option than this.

How would you describe your experience so far at AIC Campus?
If you prefer a short answer I would say “Great” AIC Campus provides a real life university experience. We are fully involved with the academic as well as nonacademic work which helps us to build our character. We have a very vibrant student council in which I was the secretary last year (2017) and President this year. We organize and take part in Sports, Cultural festivals and parties.

I also have the privilege of meeting many new friends from Maldives and United Arab Emirates. I also enjoyed the Visit to ESIGELEC France where my batch went along with the Chief Academic officer and spent some time at ESIGELEC and saw some of the modern labs and research work being done. I am looking forward to transfer to ESGELEC in September this year.

What is your advice for students who wish to study Engineering?
Don’t think engineering is difficult, nothing is difficult; nothing is hard as long as you are determined to achieve what you want to achieve. Look for a University that keeps evolving and innovative. There are so much of opportunities in countries such as France and European Union at a cost much lower than any traditional study destination.

I would like to thank AIC Campus for giving me this opportunity to explore a new country and a field of study. Their professionalism in student advising is unbelievably high If you are determined to become an Engineer there is no time to waste. Please call AIC Campus Engineering Transfer Program on 0766 759 669/0779 779 776. You can start your engineering degree with pending A/Level results.