Discover International Univeristy Transfer Options At American International Campus

About American international Campus
American International Campus (AIC) is the leader of international university transfer options in Sri Lanka. Being the leader in the transactional education industry with the most number of university partners in the USA, UK, Australia, France, Belarus, Malaysia, today AIC has been recommended by the Sri Lankan parents as the as the most trusted and successful private campus for international university transfers. AIC is specialized in advising students about advanced, futuristic degree programs offered by universities working closely with the top brands in the world. Here at AIC we provide personalized and group counseling sessions for students who need assistance in choosing the right degree and the country with research opportunities which drives innovation.

Sri Lanka’s most successful university transfer program
AIC is the only official partner for the most prestigious Grande Ecoles Group in France. each year AIC sends a number of students to superior ecoles in France which has made AIC transfer program is the most successful international university transfer in Sri Lanka . Students at AIC experience diversity and get enough exposure during their 2 years of study in Sri Lanka.

1) American University Transfer Program (Options )
• California State University ,Sacramento
• University of Toledo , Ohio State
• University of Wisconsin Parkside           2+2 Program
• Cleveland State University
• Berkley College, New York
• Idaho State University

2) France University Transfer Program (Options )
• ESIGELEC Graduate School of Engineering
• EPF Graduate School of Engineering
• ESTP Graduate School of Engineering           2+3 Program
• SUP BIOTECH School of Bio tech Engineering
• Montpellier Business School
• Rennes School of Business           2+2 Program
• IPAC School of Business

3) Australian University Transfer
• Deakin University ,Australia          1+2 Program

4) U.K university transfer ( option )
• University of the West of England , BRISTOL

Aeronautics and Space
Building and eco cities (smart cities )
Energy and environmental
Electrical and electronic
Computer engineering
Biomedical engineering
Big data
Digital technologies
Chemical engineering
Industrial engineering
International business
Accounting & finance
Human recourses
Management information technology
Global business
Supply chain management
International marketing
Business analytics
Luxury business
Tourism and sports management
Bio Medical Sciences
Molecular and cell
Micro biology
Forensic sciences
General majors
Physics – Astrophysics
Bio Chemistry

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