AIC Campus offers Sri Lanka’s only Global University Transfer Program with Multiple Study Destinations

AIC Campus provides the most flexible and the most cost effective global university transfer program in Sri Lanka by allowing students to study one or two years at AIC Campus Sri Lanka and Transfer to a destination University in a country of choice. In a context where students and parents seek affordability, multiple study options in different countries AIC Campus Global University Transfer Program has become a choice for many students and parents. Since the visa requirements and funding needed to transfer to countries change from time to time, students in certain transfer programs in Sri Lanka has lost faith in those institutions which does not give them adequate transfer options and restrict them only to one study destination.

Parents, Don’t Risk Your Child’s Future with only ONE study destination!!!
Few months ago an institute with more than 20 visa rejections was forced to introduce other alternative study options for students who had completed 2 years’ worth of studies but could not transfer due to visa rejections. Students and parents should put serious attention into their choices in order to safeguard their future. A clear background checks about the history and University partners who are behind the institute is needed to determine the true nature of such programs.

Benefits of Global University Transfer Program (GUTP) at AIC Campus
AIC Campus Global University Transfer Program (GUTP) prepares students for their respective universities and their chosen degree programs at the destination country through excellent academic preparation which allows students to perform at an exceptional level and to achieve high grades compared to those students who do not have this training. The Global University Transfer program offered at AIC Campus, assures the pathway to the world’s best education destinations including USA, France, Australia, Canada, UK, and Europe for undergraduate programs while students enjoy the unlimited career opportunities offered in these countries.

Why AIC Global University Transfer Program?
● Access to World’s Best Higher Education systems in USA, Australia, France, Canada and Europe.
● All Round Skill Development.
● The first two/three years are delivered in Sri Lanka at a centrally located academic center with easy access,
● Students will have the flexibility to select over 200 major areas including Science, Engineering,
Technology, Mathematics, Information Technology, and Business…etc
● Students have a clear option to choose a university based on their parent’s budget to complete the studies.
● Cost savings of over 60% of studying the entire program in an overseas country
● Scholarships and study grants from partner universities
● Study loan facilities through major banks in Sri Lanka
● Lectures delivered Qualified Faculty and subject matter experts.

About AIC Campus
AIC Campus is a leading Transnational Education Provider in Sri Lanka. AIC Campus is a Member of the IMC-AIC Education Consortium, a leading transnational education service conglomerate established with a vision to provide total higher education solutions under one roof. AIC Campus offers, Global University Foundation Programs, Global University Transfer Programs, Degree Completion Programs in Civil and Mechanical Engineering, International Business and Marketing and Direct Placements to leading Universities. For admissions and inquires, contact American International Campus (AIC) on 0777 33 55 11 (Colombo), 0777 23 00 33 (Kandy), 0759 66 64 44 (Negombo)