AIC Campus the first transnational education provider in the country to partner with Engineering University and a Business School in France to offer Engineering and Business Transfer Program to Universities in France has broaden the French higher education horizon to offer a unique program called the French University Transfer Program

Free Higher Education in France

AIC Campus has been striving hard to provide the best quality higher education opportunities to Sri Lankan students at an affordable cost since its inception. Keeping in line with AIC Philosophy of quality and affordability unique programs has been launched with the engineering, Science and Business preparatory cycle being conducted in Sri Lanka with the French Language teaching. With the Partnership with Alliance Française De Kotte the French Government`s official Language teaching partner in Sri Lanka and Globally native language speakers will teach the language successfully to reach the required proficiency level of Universities in France.

A well-Diversified Higher Education System

French higher education involves 2.5 million students. 12% of them are from abroad. All of them are benefiting from highly diversified training, and they are enrolled in every field, at every level.

There are more than 3,500 public and private institutes of higher education in France: 72 universities, 25 multi-institute campuses, 271 Doctoral schools, 227 engineering schools authorized to award the title of engineer, 220 business and management schools.

In virtually all countries in the world, the pinnacle of the education system, the institutions providing the finest centers of excellence, are universities. Not so in France. While France has close to a hundred universities, most of them able to hold their own as regards to teaching and research with universities in other parts of Europe, the peak of the education pinnacle in France is represented by the country`s "Grandes Ecoles", relatively small and highly selective "schools" (in the American sense of the word) which provide a cosseted higher education to the nation`s future elites - tomorrow`s "haut fonctionnaires" (senior civil servants), leaders of industry, top military brass, top politicians, engineers, physicists and others. In spite of the national preoccupation with equality and equal opportunities, the top end of the French higher education systems is elitist.

Understanding the French Higher Education System.

ESDES is part of the elite group of top French schools known as the "Grandes Écoles" an honor which attests to the quality of education that is offered at the school. In addition to offering Master`s degrees in either Management or Engineering, the members of "Grandes Écoles" are linked by their focus on innovative teaching methods, international mobility for students and faculty members, and their research departments. The "Grandes Écoles" were founded as an alternative to the broader education provided by universities and despite their name, most of the "Grandes Écoles" are actually quite small, enrolling fewer than 1,000 students.

Join AIC Campus to gain access to Free Education in France

AIC Campus provide the right blend of preparatory cycle courses during the two years of study in Sri Lanka and prepare the students to continue their higher education in France in an institution of their choice.

Graduates are allowed to work for 18 months upon Graduation and extendable for further 18 months with possible residency in the European Union.

Free Information session will be held on the 28th of July 2018 at Cinnamon Grand Hotel Ebony Room starting at 10.00AM and AIC-First Friends Campus in Kandy at 10.00AM.

Please call one of our counselors and discuss your future higher education and career path in Europe`s most popular destination and reserve your seat for the Free information session on the 28th July in Colombo on 0765 779 779/0768 268 163 or AIC Kandy on 0777 230 022/0777 230 033