Individuals choose France for their educational needs for a number of very good reasons. Because the French are so adamant about being able to offer students the highest educational standards, you can always count on your chosen university and program to be among the best that you can find anywhere in the world. The people of France take their education exceptionally seriously, and it shows in the education that you can find across the country. Plenty of money is spent on education in France, and if getting the top education that you want and need is important to you, studying in France is definitely the perfect option.

There are so many different universities in France, each of which can hold solid grounds on providing their students the education they deserve. No matter where you are at in the world you can rest assured that France has the education that you want. This is why so many around the world with the need for innovative, sophisticated education geared towards employability make the wise choice of this country to achieve their career goals.

The higher education system in France is made up of both universities and GrandesEcoles. It is the GrandesEcoles that prepare the administrative, scientific and business executive cadres for leading places in government or in private enterprise. Nowadays, over 60 per cent of the Chief Executives in France`s 100 largest firms are graduates of the GrandesEcoles.

The teaching staff is usually diverse because in addition to permanent staff, visiting lecturers include guests from industry. Teaching itself is based on lectures and projects carried out in small groups or individually. The underlying objective of this highly practical approach is to produce more industry-ready graduates.

There is increasingly a strong emphasis at the GrandesEcoles on foreign language study and the awareness of other cultures. At least two foreign languages are usually required and taught.

Studies and internships abroad feature more and more in the programmes. Often a year abroad is integrated into the curriculum. Over the years European and international networks have been established and have led to cooperation in scientific and technical research between French GrandesEcoles and their foreign partners.

Once students have completed their studies, specialist qualifications are awarded. For example in Engineering, the degree (likened to the Master of Engineering or Master of Science), is accredited by the Commission des Titres d`engenieur (Commission of the Titles of Engineer). In management and business studies, the degree is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education.

According to recent studies, more than one young graduate at GrandesEcoles out of two had signed a contract of employment before the end of his studies. Less than four months after finishing their studies, 86.4 per cent of those graduating from Business School and 85.7 per cent from Engineering School were in employment. In addition, students graduating from GrandesEcoles often seem to be offered good conditions of work in their contracts: for example, many are recruited at the outset on long-term contracts with the status of cadre.

These statistics seem to show how French employers - many having come through the same institutions themselves - value this particular profile of newly qualified recruits.Overall, those carrying a degree from a GrandesEcoles appear to begin their working lives with a great advantage.

Why should you study in France
• Most Affordable Education
• Most Prestigious qualification in the world
• Access to over 250 highly paid companies in the world
• Opportunity to learn from top industry leaders in France
• Most advanced education system
• Guaranteed paid internships

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