AIC Campus the first higher educational institution in Sri Lanka to offer French Higher Education to Sri Lanka in collaboration with ESIGELEC Graduate School of Engineering, France, a Premier Engineering School established in 1901 has grown strength to strength during the last two years with more Sri Lankan students enrolling for the program.

• ESIGELEC Graduate School of Engineering Degrees are recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC), Sri Lanka.
• 14 Engineering Majors Specializations.
• Study tour to ESIGELEC Graduate School of Engineering, France upon completion the first year of study.
• Degree awarded is an Integrated MSc in Engineering in your chosen area of specialization
• IELTS Not Required
• Eligibility to work 20 hours per week during studies in France
• Paid Internships
• Guaranteed Two-year work permit in France upon completion of studies
• Easy access to European Union (EU) Member States
• A comparatively guaranteed cost saver
• Gain up to 25% Scholarship for academic excellence
• Customized Study Loan Facilities through leading banks

The 2+3 transfer program offered at AIC Campus is the Most Affordable European Engineering Transfer Program in the country approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC), Sri Lanka. Students have the opportunity to study the first Two years in Sri Lanka at AIC Campus and transfer to the ESIGELEC Graduate School of Engineering, France to complete the remaining three years of study.

At the completion, students are being awarded the globally renown Integrated MSc in Engineering in one of the 14 Major Areas of Study at total cost of 65% less than studying in Australia, UK or USA.

1. Mechatronic and Electrical Engineering
2. Electronic Automotive and Aeronautical Systems
3. Automation and Industrial Robotics
4. Electrical Engineering and Transport
5. Embedded Systems Engineering, Autonomous Vehicles
6. Embedded Systems Engineering, Communicating Objects
7. Energy and Sustainable Development
8. Medical Engineering
9. Communications Engineering
10. Network Architecture and Security
11. Big Data for Digital Transformation
12. Digital Services Engineering
13. Business Engineer – Networks and Telecommunications
14. Business Engineer – Energy and Signals
15. Financial Engineer

The first batch of students who joined this transfer program in 2016 completed their first two years of study at AIC Campus and has successfully transferred to ESIGELEC Graduate School of Engineering to continue their studies in one of the 14 Majors they have chosen to obtain the Integrated MSc in Engineering. This is yet a milestone of AIC Campus as it made history getting a 100% visa success.

Few of our students who have successfully transferred to ESIGELEC Graduate School of Engineering to continue their studies:
• Ms. Prashani Rodrigo, Lyceum International School, Wattala.
• Ms. Poorni Ekanayake, Museaus College Colombo.
• Mr. Kavindu Mahaduruge, Leeds International School.
• Mr. Anouk Amarasekara, Stafford International School.
• Mr. Thavindu Samarasinghe, Ananda College Colombo.

“Very happy moment for me and my batch mates today, the encouraging words from all well-wishers and especially H. E the Ambassador who welcomed us so warmly. I have to say that the AIC Transfer program gave me an opportunity to study two years and continue my balance three years in France to pursue my dream career. Learning French during our two-year period was the most interesting part and I would say the language is not as hard as many think. I am fluent in my French and Alliance Française De Kotte teachers brought us to this level with dedicated teaching” - Prashani Rodrigo an Esigelec transfer student from Lyceum International School, Wattala.

ESIGELEC Graduate School of Engineering is a specialized engineering school with over 11 decades of history behind them. ESIGELEC maintains high academic standards and their programs are structured with a practical approach to learning cycles where the students will go through a minimum of 9 months of internship in their chosen field of study in Major French and European companies. ESIGELEC Graduate School of Engineering has partnered with over 3000 leading companies in France and European Union and also have partnerships with 85 universities in 40 countries.  

About AIC Campus
AIC Campus is a Member of the IMC - AIC Education Consortium, a leading transnational education service conglomerate established with a vision to provide total higher education solutions under one roof. AIC Campus has partnered with a consortium of international universities including ESIGELEC Graduate School of Engineering (France), Montpellier Business School (France), IPAC Business School (France), James Cook University (Australia), Deakin University (Australia) University of West England Bristol (UK) and National Technological University of Belarus, which are recognized locally and internationally. AIC Campus offers, Global University Foundation Programs, Global University Transfer Programs, Degree Completion Programs in Civil and Mechanical Engineering, International Business and Marketing and Direct Placements to leading Universities.

Admissions for 2019 intakes have opened now, therefore students and parents are encouraged to directly contact AIC Campus for admissions and inquiries.

AIC Campus Colombo - 0777 33 55 11
No. 154, Havelock Road, Colombo – 05.

AIC Campus Kandy - 0777 23 00 33
No. 21, Srimath Kudarathwatta Mawatha, Kandy.

AIC Campus Negombo - 0759 66 64 44
No. 349/2, Main Street, Negombo.