Spend Your Money Wisely - France is one of the Most Affordable Study Destination in the World AIC Campus, one of the leading transnational education providers in Sri Lanka joined hands with Alliance Française’ de Kotte (AFKO) and leading universities across France to provide globally recognized Business and Engineering degree pathways to Sri Lankan Students. The two years at AIC leading to one or three years in France is the most affordable European qualification available in the country at present. Here is a wonderful opportunity to study, work, and settle one of the world’s leading Economies, Study and Travel destinations.

French Education provides Students to Study, Work and Settle in France. French Education pathway provides ample opportunities for students to access 27 countries to work and settle across the European Union (EU). It is the most Affordable pathway option in today’s competitive market to move in to the European Union (EU). Being the Seventh largest economy in the world and Leader in Inventions on automobile, Robotics and Aerospace, French Universities provides guaranteed internship opportunities to their international graduates to work for some of the World’s Top Fortune 500 Companies including Airbus, Alcatel, AXA, Total S.A , Engie etc. .

Esigelec is one of the leading Top Graduate Engineering Campus, founded in 1901 in France. Esigelec has a proud history of over 115 years producing engineers who have invented Technologies in Robotics, Telecommunication and Electronics for the betterment of people’s lives not only in France & Europe but also in Asia, Africa & Middle East.

ESIGELEC - Engineering Programs
• Industrial Automation and Robotics
• Network Architecture and Security
• Big Data
• Energy and Sustainable Development
• Electronics Systems for Auto and Aerospace Engineering
• Electrical Engineering
• Business Engineering - Energy & Signals
• Business Engineering - IT and Networks
• Telecommunications Engineering
• Financial Engineering
• Embedded Systems Engineering
• T. Services Engineering
• Bio Medical Engineering
• Mechatronics

IPAC Business School
IPAC Business School is a highly ranked Business School in France, European Union. IPAC Business School offers the program Bachelor of Business Administration with dual majors that consists a focus on both areas, International Business with Marketing. With the main campus in the City of Annecy in France, IPAC ‘s history goes back to over two and a half decades and thousands of international and European Union students have graduated from IPAC successfully. Those students are now, employed and settled in various countries around the world working in companies that represent wide variety of sectors in respective economies.

Montpellier Business School

Montpellier Business School, established in 1897, is one of the oldest management schools in Europe. Founded by the Chamber of Commerce of Montpellier, the École Supérieure de Commerce de Montpellier (the Montpellier Graduate School of Business) was initially created to train economic leaders who would help develop activities and businesses in the region. Montpellier Business School opens up the world to students and to faculty members, and provides to French, European and international companies young managers, trained for the global business world.

Students completing the degree in France are given work permit and Euro Pass to access higher education and career opportunities across the 27 European Nations.

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