One of the Best Business Schools in France BBA International Business with Marketing - Top Up Degree

IPAC Business School is ranked among the top 6 business schools in France located in Annecy a beautiful city near the French Alps bordering Switzerland offer BBA International Business with Marketing (Top up Degree) for candidates with two years of validated qualification such as HND, CIM, SLIM, CIMA Managerial Level etc.

The 12 month Top up Degree is fully taught in English Language and comes with paid internships and career opportunities in the European Union upon graduation. IPAC Business degree learning outcomes are highly recognized and accepted throughout the European Union and rest of the world as IPAC is a French Government approved Business School with a network of International Universities around the world and Industry network of over 2000 companies providing internship and career support to undergraduates and graduates.

Why Study In France?
France is one of the most developed countries in the world and the fifth largest economy in the world and the most visited country in the world by tourists. France is also the fourth most popular destination for foreign students.

• Attractive, affordable tuition fees
• Quality higher education adopted to industry needs
• Outstanding research and development opportunities
• France is home to leading global corporates such as Airbus, Total, Orange, LVMH, DANONE, Peugeot Citroen etc.
• Young Talent is valued in innovation and entrepreneurship sectors.
• French is the third most common business language.

Why IPAC Business School?
• 5 schools : Albertville - Annecy - Chambery - Genevois Léman (Ville-la-Grand) – Grenoble
• AIC Campus is the first International Learning Center of IPAC outside of Europe
• 1800 Students including 800 in Annecy.
• Over 4000 Alumni
• More than 60 Foreign Partner Universities including the Erasmus Network
• IPAC Has built a network of Universities and industry partners in France, Europe and Switzerland. The partner corporates actively take part in providing internships and work upon graduation for IPAC Graduates.
• Local & International Recognition - IPAC Business School is a well-recognized and Approved by the Government of France, Ministry of higher education. IPAC is also a member of the International Association of Universities (IAU) a prestigious association consisting of highly ranked universities.
• IPAC ranks 20th in Le Figaro's top 50 French Business Schools for Bachelor program
• Le Figaro’s ranking is based on the following criteria: labels, pedagogy, international, internships and professional integration.
• IPAC also ranks 6th in the Top 20 French Apprenticeship programs. (Figaro newspaper February 2012)
• Europass - Global Education and career Mobility
• UGC Recognized Foreign University

Study in France in English Medium or in Sri Lanka
Candidates with a validated two year qualification accepted by the university will have the option to complete the final year in France or in Sri Lanka at AIC Campus. The program is conducted in English language and consists of paid internships and career opportunities upon graduation.

If you are planning to study and complete your top up degree in Sri Lanka or in France you can submit your application to AIC campus right now for the next intake. Please call 0774 409 240/ 0768 268 163 or AIC Campus Kandy 0777 230 033