Study, Work and Live in the Largest Economy in the European Union

Why Study in Germany
Germany is the third most popular destination among international students in the world. More than 12% of students in German Universities come from overseas. Germany is an attractive place to study and German University Degrees are highly respected by employers worldwide.

Quality of Education in Germany.
German universities offer excellent teaching and research, ranking among the best in the world. You will earn an internationally renowned degree, giving you excellent prospects on the global labor market.

Potential Unlocked
In Germany, you can make the most of yourself. Here you can develop your intellectual abilities and personal skills freely and reach your full potential. If you are out to achieve great things, you will find determination, motivation and commitment open many doors – both during your studies and after your studies.

One of the Safest Countries in the World
In comparison with other countries, Germany is a safe country. In town or in the countryside, by day or by night, you can move around freely here. Germany offers economic and political stability, which makes it an ideal place for you to study.

Discover the beauty and diversity Germany has to offer! When you take time off from your studies, there are 1001 ways of finding out more about your host country. For example, you can go to a museum, a cinema or a theatre, you can sit in a beer garden, you can go for a walk on a beach, you can swim in a lake, climb a mountain or visit an old castle.

EBC Hochschule (EBC University of Applied Sciences) With a long tradition in academic education and with considerable international experience, EBC University prepares graduates for future challenges. EBC offer practically and internationally oriented Bachelor and Master Programs in the areas of business and economics as well as health and education at their campuses in Berlin, Düsseldorf and Hamburg. A challenging study program in a quality learning environment with a personal touch strengthens the sense of belonging with your fellow students, the faculty and staff: this especially supports personal development, professional and academic competencies. Additionally, undergraduates gain further insights into the working world with a domestic and international paid internship, and last but not least, students will be guided through a study period abroad. Equipped with these experiences and intercultural competence students are well-prepared for an international working environment in Germany, Europe and the world.

Why Study at EBC University?
Programs in English Language - Undergraduate and Post Graduate Programs (BBA and MBA) are taught in English language. Therefore students who enroll to study at EBC do not need to achieve German language requirements University with state recognition - EBC University is a Private university approved by the German Government and the state recognition of their programs gives recognition among European Union Countries and around the world.

Strong focus on Practical work - Projects with reputable partners, field trips, presentations and informal discussions give the course a practical focus.

International and Intercultural – Students and choose a study abroad program a university form over 70 partner universities around the world.

Personal Development and Ethics – At EBC it is not only about gaining a degree, it is more than just a degree. Values like personal responsibility, judgment and empathy, but also a work-life balance, coaching and training in ethics, all are important components of learning philosophy at EBC.

An Effective Network – EBC assures a quick start to your career. Over 70 international partner universities, companies, organizations and associations, as well as EBC alumni, are all part of the network you need for a quick start to your career when you graduate.

Study Programs at EBC University Sri Lankan students now have the opportunity to Join EBC University through AIC Campus to join the following programs offered in English Language.

Students after A/Levels (Local or London) – International Business Management Out into the world! An international outlook is a must in today’s professional world and it is a principle at EBC Hochschule – a well-integrated study programme abroad, work experience abroad, language courses in English, French, Spanish, Italian or Chinese and a network of over 70 partner universities will deliver the essential intercultural skills needed for a career anywhere in the world. This is a pathway to an international career in management.

Graduates with a Degree – Master’s Degree in International Management Once they have a Masters degree, EBC graduates have improved chances of getting their dream job. A Masters Degree programme offers you the chance to specialize after your first degree. The specific topics you select on the programme will later contribute to your success working in your chosen specialized field. Courses are taught in English, project work is carried out in co-operation with international companies. In this way you develop intercultural skills which will guarantee you a career anywhere in the world.

AIC Campus Study Abroad– University Direct Placements in partnership with EBC University in Germany offers the best and the most affordable study abroad option in one of the strongest and technologically advanced countries in the world with highest standard of living. Total cost of the first degree will be less than 60% of studying in other study destination such as Australia with similar benefits upon graduation in terms of career options and living.

Admissions for the next intake is on now, Please call our counselors for an appointment on 0774 409 240/0768 268 165 or AIC Campus Kandy on 0777 230 033