AIC Campus the first Transnational Higher Education provider in Sri Lanka to offer Engineering Transfer Program in partnership with a leading engineering university in France, ESIGELEC Graduate School of Engineering transferred their first batch of students to ESIGELEC for the Fall Semester after completing their first two years of study in Sri Lanka successfully.

ESIGELEC Graduate School of Engineering is one of the leading Engineering Universities in France with history spanning over 115 years has established a reputation for their high quality education, practical approach, industry partnerships with over 3500 corporates across Europe and heavy involvement in research and development work carried out on electronic systems for Aerospace and Automobile industry in the European region.

ESIGELEC offers 16 major areas of study which includes Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Industrial automation, Mechatronics, Robotics, Electronics systems for Aerospace and automobile industry, Network Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and many more.

AIC Campus took a bold step in opening up the higher education options for Sri Lankan students through a transfer program where students study two years in Sri Lanka and transfer to ESIGELEC France to complete the balance three years to obtain one of the best MSc in Engineering degrees in the world.

Poorni Ekanayake former Student of Musaeus College Colombo joined AIC Campus in July 2016 to follow the ESIGELEC Program. “I am so happy that I selected the AIC Campus ESIGELEC transfer program. We had the best campus experience during our first two years and learning French Language was best thing that happened to me which I realized when I visited France Last year on a study tour to ESIGELEC. I had the opportunity to exchange ideas among rest of the students and share the experiences which was great. I am looking forward for the next three years in France.

Kavindu Mahadurage from Leeds International School Panadura stated that “from the day I joined AIC in 2016 till the transfer process and obtaining the Visa to study the balance three years was a seamless process and so easy with the help and guidance from AIC Staff. We were accorded a special recognition at the National Day of France at the residence of His Excellency the Ambassador as we are the first batch to transfer to France under this program. It was a great experience”

Prashani Rodrigo from Lyceum International School, Wattala and the most active member of the AIC Campus student council (Past President of the Student Council) was all excited as her family will be accompanying her to ESIGELEC France to stay few weeks with her. “I am excited about my future and my confidence is very high with my studies at center stage and reaching another level after completing the first two years, though it is sad to leave my family but I am determined to achieve my objectives in life. My French Language skills will help me to adjust to the new life in France with ease. I have no hesitation in recommending AIC Camps ESIGELEC Transfer program as the best and the most affordable Engineering Transfer in the country.

Anouk Amarasekara from Stafford International School, Colombo, Chavindu Silva from Leeds International Panadura and Thavindu Samarasinghe of Ananda College Colombo expressed similar sentiments of their experience at AIC and the Seamless transfer and visa process that they experienced. “And finally on behalf of all of us I would like to thank AIC Staff for providing us this opportunity to get in to one of the best engineering programs which did not cost more than 1.4 million and most importantly the easy and straight forward visa process stated Anouk Amarasekara”.

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