AIC Campus European University Transfer Program gives Access to Affordable and Free University Education in France

Study - Work - Experience Europe, the Fastest Growing Economic Region in the World
AIC Campus, one of the leading transnational education providers in Sri Lanka joined hands with Alliance Française de Kotte (AFKO) - the official French Language Training Partner of AIC, and leading universities across France to provide globally recognized European university pathways for Sri Lankan Students. The two years at AIC leading to one or three years in France is the most affordable European qualification available in the country at present. Here is a wonderful opportunity to study, work, and settle one of the world’s leading Economies, Study and Travel destinations.

AIC Campus offers affordable Engineering / Business / Computing / Science / Hospitality/ Fashion degree programs in European Union

The American international Campus (AIC) for the first time in Sri Lanka, offers the World’s most affordable European Degree Pathway program exclusive for Sri Lankan Students. This pathway allows students to pursue their higher Education in European Public Universities for FREE and in leading private universities for an extremely affordable investment (Less than 30% of the cost of studying in Australia) and opens wider education and career opportunities to study, work and Settle in 27 countries across the European Union. Currently France has announced that they are going to invest 1.5billion Euros by 2020 on Artificial intelligence. This clearly indicates that the future is for Robotics, Engineering and Technology is in European Union. Being the World’s leading automobile Manufacturers, European Automotive industry has innovatively designed world’s award winning brands including the “Bugatti” the currently known as the world’s fastest car to date and Renault containers for most heavy load Containers. Europe is well known for its Friendly Culture and very relaxing environment. People in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands…Etc…have a strong Pride on their Language. Therefore students who learn the native language will be greatly benefited in terms of settling and finding employment opportunities at ease compared to a person who communicate only in English. So here is a unique opportunity to study Engineering or Business at AIC Campus, and to learn French language parallels and to access more than 80 Public Universities, and more than 200 Private Universities of your choice and in an area of your study and career.

Students completing the degree in Europe have the work opportunity and Euro Pass to access higher education and career opportunities across the 27 Schengen Countries.

Contact for more information on European University Transfer Program at AIC Campus
Duwaragan - 076 826 8163
Arush - 077 977 9776